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The big band news of 2016 was John's decision to move to a trio format. He is well known for mixing things up, and this latest bold move is signature Mayall. Here in the Press Release we sent out at the time, John explains how it came about. We are happy to say that it has proven, yet again, that John's instinctive feel for the direction his band should take has led to a new and exciting era for the musicians and audiences alike. The fan's reaction to this format on the extensive Fall US tour was enthusiastic and heartfelt. It gives John the perfect platform to showcase his multi-instrumental abilities, and that combined with the interplay between him and his talented rhythm section creates an unforgettable experience. Thank you to all who posted on the website and Facebook page. It was wonderful to hear your glowing reviews!

The band already have a very busy year of Touring lined up for 2017, so we hope that you'll have a chance to catch them somewhere at a venue near you! Having completed the "Rock Legends Cruise" in January, the guys are heading out for a huge European tour early in February, bringing their blues fireworks to many of the countries there including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands and Belguim ... ending with a few days at Ronnie Scott's in London. Those of you in the rest of the UK will also get a chance to see them later in the year, when they embark on a comprehensive UK tour in the Fall. Dates for the European tour are posted on our "tour schedule" page and the UK dates will follow shortly when all are confirmed.

In addition to those two big tours there is also a tour of the Eastern US planned for late May, and a couple of shows in Mexico for April with more dates being added all the time.

We are very excited by the response to John's latest studio release "Talk About That," in January. The album, which includes a guest appearance by legendary guitarist Joe Walsh on a couple of tracks, as well as long time collaborators Rocky Athas (guitar), Greg Rzab (bass), and Jay Davenport (drums), is drawing rave reviews! For more information watch this special video of the making of the album. For links to buy, please visit The Official John Mayall Store page. As always the best place to get up-to-date news about John and the band is his Facebook page at: Please check it out if you haven't already! !


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The JohnMayall.Com logo was taken from an original design by John Mayall. This logo, for a short-lived label called "Crusade Records", is on a very rare album, "J.B. Lenoir", that John Mayall assembled for Polygram and includes recordings by Lenoir in Germany as well as interviews with his widow.

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Long Live The Blues.
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Talk About That

"Talk About That" was released 27th of January 2017 on Forty Below Records and is John's third studio album with co-producer Eric Corne. Featuring a guest appearance by legendary guitarist Joe Walsh on two tracks - “It has been a bucket-list item since 1970 to play with John Mayall ... When you meet a hero who helped shape your career – it’s a wonderful feeling to find they’re even cooler than you always thought they were.” John's long time band Rocky Athas (guitar), Greg Rzab (bass), and Jay Davenport (drums), really shine on this new release and prove, once again, that John is a masterful bandleader as well. Building on the creative flow and success of A Special Life and Find A Way To Care, "Talk About That" has drawn high praise from critics and fans alike:

"The whole album has a sense of completeness about it. The songs are great, some of Mayall's best work in ages, and the playing is respectful and loaded with passion." - Music News

"From hard driving back beats to sultry, goose bump inviting grooves these invigorating songs really made this one of the best albums I have heard in a long time!" - Don Heflin, Founder/Central Valley Blues Society

"Talk About That makes it clear that Mayall is not slowing down - not even close. Talk About That is simply superb and a highly recommended purchase." - Living Blues

To purchase please go to our Store page. Be sure to check out the "Making of" Talk About That video!


John Mayall's Bluesbreakers Live In 1967 Vol 2

Released May 6th 2016 "Live in 1967 - Volume Two" follows on the heels the first volume released in 2015. Another very special archival recording of never before heard live shows from 1967 featuring John Mayall, Peter Green, John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood, before the latter three went on to form Fleetwood Mac. Stormy Monday appears again, as do So Many Roads and Double Trouble, in versions different enough to warrant another spot on this disc, but the rest of the songs are new to this release. Hailed as a "welcome second helping" by Rolling Stone, and "essential listening" by Blues Music Magazine, this volume is every bit as good as the first and a must have for any blues fan! Please check out our Store page for links to buy.


Find A Way To Care

Released 4th September by Forty Below Records "Find A Way To Care" is the follow up to last year's highly acclaimed "A Special Life." Reviewers agree that this is John at the top of his game, and the chemistry between him and his talented band is electric! The album is produced by John and Eric Corne, who wanted to feature John's keyboard playing, saying "He's truly one of the most lyrical, economical and underrated keyboardists around." The addition of a tight horn section also adds sparkle on three of the tracks. There are five original songs, one co-written with bass player Greg Rzab, and an interesting collection of covers, as always hand picked by John. A must have for Mayall fans! Links to buy are on our "store" page.

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers Live In 1967

John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Live in 1967 - from Forty Below Records - A very special archival recording of one the best of the Bluesbreakers band lineups, featuring legendary musicians John Mayall (vocals, keyboards, harmonica), Peter Green (lead guitar), John McVie (bass) and Mick Fleetwood (drums). Links to buy are on our "store" page.


BB KING - Sept 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015
"Words cannot express the sadness I feel at losing BB King, such a great friend and an inspiration to everyone who ever loved the blues. Here was a man who was such an artiste that he became the true elder statesman for the music that has inspired so many to take up an instrument. So many musicians all over the world have revered him that he will never be forgotten. From the first time I heard him in 1956 with his incredible single ‘Three O’clock in the Morning” he has been part of my life. A truly great man who lived for and dedicated himself to spreading the blues, he will always be remembered. He and his music will always live on in my heart." -- John Mayall

JACK BRUCE - May 12, 1943 – Oct 25, 2014:
"I was saddened by the news that Jack died a few days ago. He was quite unique in every respect both as a person and a musician. I will always remember him being in my band, which at that time in 1966 included Eric Clapton, and the way the two of them gelled and went on to form Cream. But earlier than that I was bowled away by his intense work with the upright bass in a small jazz club around the time he moved to London. And so, not only a great loss to rock and roll, but to the jazz world and we will miss his fearless musical ventures in all fields. So long Jack." -- John Mayall

JOHN "JUKE" LOGAN Sept 11, 1946 - Augt 30, 2013:
"Was so sorry to hear of the passing of Juke Logan. He was not only a long standing friend and fellow harmonica player but I still remember the fun times we had when we shared studio time and when I was a frequent guest on his radio show. He put up a brave fight and will be much missed." -- John Mayall

RED HOLLOWAY May 31, 1927 – Feb 25, 2012:
We sadly mourn the loss of saxophonist Red Holloway. "I always felt that Red never quite got the recognition he deserved. In my opinion he ranks up there with the all time great tenor players. Throughout the years he worked with me, he contributed great solos and took the band to new levels. He was always a pleasure to be around and I can still hear his unmistakable laugh! Truly one of a kind." -- John Mayall

VICTOR GASKIN Nov 23, 1934 - Jul 14, 2012:
"Just recently learned rather late in the day that my old friend and bass player Victor Gaskin had died. Sad to say, (as far as I know) he was the last surviving member of my Jazz Blues Fusion days. He was not only a great bass player but also a wonderful friend who shared many an adventure on the road. Another sad loss." -- John Mayall

KEEF HARTLEY Apr 8, 1944 - Nov 26, 2011:
“I got the sad news that Keef Hartley died of complications from surgery last Sunday. When I think back to all the adventures we had over the years, both on and off the road, it seems hardly possible that my friend of so many years will not be showing up to sit in with any of my bands in the future. His sense of fun and love of life will always remain in my thoughts as special memories. Boy did we have fun! So long my friend, I will miss you.” -- John Mayall

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