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John Mayall
5th Feb, 2013 - John Mayall at BB King Blues Club in NYC. Photo by Arnie Goodman.
Greg Rzab
5th Feb, 2013 - Greg Rzab at BB King Blues Club in NYC. Photo by Arnie Goodman.
Jay Davenport
5th Feb, 2013 - Jay Davenport at BB King Blues Club in NYC. Photo by Arnie Goodman.
John Mayall and Greg Rzab
9th Dec, 2012 - John Mayall and Greg Rzab at Live Club in Trezzo sull'Abba, Italy. Photo by Cristina Arrigoni.
John Mayall and The Band
Nov. 2016 - John Mayall w/Greg & Jay. Photo by David Gomez.
John Mayall and Jay Davenport
18 Nov 2016 - John & Jay at The Rose, Pasadena. Photo by Terry Bert.
John Mayall
"9th Dec, 2012 - John Mayall at Live Club in Trezzo sull'Abba, Italy. Photo by Cristina Arrigoni.
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Many people have asked what kind of pickup is on John's Gibson ES-125 guitar. It is a Gibson P-90. The street nickname for it is "soapbar pickup"


Fans have been asking about John's guitar and here's his answer: "It was an Eric Johnson Stratocaster before I cut up the body and did the three dimensional art out of it. For an amp I don't use any effects. Just plugged into a Roland Jazz Chorus". The guitar will be featured on the cover of John's upcoming release "A Special Life" - on May 13, 2014.


We got lots of queries about Freddie Robinson. In 2001, we had a fan chime in who had tracked him down. UPDATE: Unfortunately, Freddie passed away in 2009. You can read his obituary here:

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Ran across your site while doing a google search on John Mayall 'ten years are gone'. I have the vinyl of this but have been wondering for years if there is a cd version available. Do you know if it ever made it to CD? My vinyl is pretty worn out. Thanks in advance. Don

RESPONSE: Good News! In February 2009 Cherry Red Records released "Ten Years Are Gone" on CD, complete with the original artwork and album notes. You can get it on Amazon.Com.

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SUBJECT: Jon Mark Hi Again I noticed a lot of interest in Jon Mark on the Fan mail pages. Jon is in fact in New Zealand and is a part of the White Cloud music company. He is still recording but it is all ambient type stuff, musical interpretations of places he has been. He has made approx. 10 albums as a solo artist. Hope this helps Richard Brown

SUBJECT: mark/almond Why no mention of Jon Mark and Johnny Almond in your bio? Do you know what they are doing now? Thank you, Bill Sutherland

RESPONSE: There have been many inquiries on our fanmail page about them. Jon Mark lives in New Zealand. UPDATE: We are sorry to say that Johnny Almond passed away in November 2009 from cancer at age 63. You can read his obituary here.

Do you have any info on Johnny Almond, in terms of other CDs he may have contributed on (with or without John Mayall)? Thanks. Yours, Stan

RESPONSE: Johnny Almond was on "The Turning Point" "A Hard Road" "Blues Breakers with Clapton" "Empty Rooms" We don't know of his other recording history. --

19 Nov 2003
SUBJECT: Johnny Almond
In response to readers' requests for info on Johnny Almond's recording career, there are at least two solo albums he did round about the time of Turning Point. They are called "Johnny Almond - Music Machine, Patent Pending" and "Hollywood Blues". Two terrific albums which I had, and which unfortunately were destroyed in a fire in 1972. I've been looking to replace them ever since without success. If anyone knows where they might be obtained, I would be eternally grateful to know!
Julian Graham

SUBJECT: Johnny Almond. I've been following your career since I was 15-that was 1969. I think half of my record collection is made up of your albums or that of your former bandmates. I've scoured the internet and was wondering if there were any kind of discography that you could guide me to that might provide me with a list of anything Jonny Almond appeared on other than your work or that of the Mark-Almond Band. Would also appreciate anything on Blue Mitchell or Freddie Robinson who both appeared on your Jazz-Blues Fusion album. (which even now always gets the attention of the uninitiated whenever I put it on the stereo) Thanks. Andrew D. Rahaim, Esq.

***RESPONSE*** We get questions on Johnny Almond on a regular basis.

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SUBJECT: room to move Dear friends ! I'm writing these words for my uncle Karl in Austria/Europe . He is a real John Mayall Fan, always trying to play the blues-harp like him. Therefore he'd like to know what kind of blues-harp (and which tonality) John is playing on "Room To Move". Please let me know, if you can help me. Thanx a lot and greetings from Austria

RESPONSE: John Mayall plays this song in D flat with an F# harmonica. (Marine Band brand)

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"MOVING ON".....

Are there any plans to reissue the fantastic LP "Moving On" (1973) on CD. After all these years I still enjoy that album a lot. Thanks for your answer in advance and a Happy 2002. Jan Hartsink The Netherlands

RESPONSE: Good News! In February 2009 Cherry Red Records released "Moving On" on CD, complete with the original artwork and album notes. You can get it on our Amazon.Com.

To JohnMayall.Com: I noticed on the web page fanmail section that someone else wrote in about the early '70's album "Moving On". This was one of my all time favorite albums. Through time and many moves, I have lost it. I'd love to see Polydor release it on CD. At the beginning of the album, there is a voice which sounds suspiciously like Bill Cosby, introducing the band. Any chance that it actually was? Its a question thats been bugging me for 20+ years. Thanks, Mike Foley, Cleveland

RESPONSE: John Mayall writes: "Yes indeed. On the album "Moving On", it was Bill Cosby"

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SUBJECT: BLACK BOOK. Hi, can you help? Many years ago I saw a book featuring well known artists showing what else they could do and it contained a section on John's handyman skills and had highlighted a stove or fireplace that he had built. The cover of the book was black I believe. Can you help with the author or title?. Tell John and the boys that the two shows I have seen in England so far have been excellent. I hope and trust that Johns throat is better. Richard Brown

RESPONSE: Dear Richard: There WAS a black book, published in 1979. It was called "StarArt", designed and edited by Debby Chesher. This book featured many musicians' artwork: John Mayall, Joni Mitchell, Ron Wood, Cat Stevens, Klaus Voorman and Commander Cody. It did in fact show Mayall's artistic handiwork. Most noteably: his stone fireplace, the painted pool bottom, quilts, and his carved guitars. It also featured almost his entire collection of his paintings and drawings (going back as far as 1950). All of this work burned up with his house in the Laurel Canyon fire of 1979. It was lucky that these works were immortalized in this book, or they would be lost forever. As a gift to Mayall after the fire, Ms. Chesher had several of the paintings photographically reproduced in actual sizes and framed. You might be able to find some old copies of it knocking around in auctions and used book stores.     sincerely, Magnolia Blue
P.S. Mayall was thrown off by the description as a "Black Book". The paper book cover was a large black and white collage and drawing by Klaus Voorman that mimics The Beatles' "Revolver" cover. The hard cover WAS black.

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SUBJECT: TREEHOUSE. Please can you confirm just where the treehouse was that John used to live in - was it in Cheadle Hulme (which is where I was told it used to be) or was it in Macclesfield? Cheers. GEMc

RESPONSE: It was in Cheadle Hulme, at the back of 23 Acre Lane, which at that time extended back into a field (it doesn't any more--the field AND the tree are long gone!) Also, as noted a few months ago, John Mayall was born in Macclesfield, but he never actually lived there.

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